Over 30 years’ experience

Over 30 years’ experience

Coastal Direct Mailing – Over 30 years’ experience

We began our story in 1985 – and every year we have learnt more. We are happy to bring all this experience to your service.

If there is one thing we have learnt which applies to every project we undertake, it is the importance of flexibility. We understand that no 2 campaigns are the same, and every client has different requirements and priorities.

While we offer a complete solution for direct marketing, from initial consultation to design (with our in-house team), printing and postage, we are also happy to work with your own design department or creative agency – let our experience work for you where you need it.

One of the obvious benefits is our expertise, but on a more practical level, our long-term relationship with the mail delivery services mean that we have excellent discount rates available for mailings as small as 1,000 items – making a test campaign very affordable.

We work with large, international companies, just as we work on smaller projects for local businesses – variety is the spice of life, as they say!

Suzanne LangleyFor further information and advice on your next Direct Mail campaign, contact Suzanne Langley on t 07796 876 898 to discuss and get a quote.