Five Easy Tips for Direct Mail Success

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Five Easy Tips for Direct Mail Success

  1. Put a Benefit in the Headline – A discount is always a good start.

A great headline is the key to success in any form of direct response marketing. Over 50% of people will only read your headline and nothing else, so you had better make those few words count. The majority of people will just spend 10 seconds initially looking at your offers.

Most people know that the headline should be big, bold, and easy to read and make an impact, but people often forget that the headline needs to communicate a benefit of their product or service. Far too many amateur marketers waste their only communication with a potential customer on a catchy slogan or even worse, their company name. Let our experienced designers design your card.

When you write your headline, ask yourself, what you can do to get my customers/prospects to read the offer on my postcard.

  1. Use Great Images and a Clear and Powerful Call to Action and don’t forget to add a scan code to take your prospects to the specific landing page on your website.

When the average person checks their mail, they are most certainly more likely to pay attention to it if the image is aesthetically pleasing. Postcards score against mail in envelopes because they are already opened. So make the most of that advantage. If the postcard is of interest and has a great image it is very likely that the card will be kept!

Make use of our expert designers.

  1. Include a Code or Discount Card with the Offer and a QR code.

Having an offer or code on your postcard serves two purposes. First, it gives your prospect a reason to take you up on your offer, especially if the offer is perceived as valuable and there is a sense of urgency e.g. it expires in a few days or the offer is limited to the first 50 customers. The second, less obvious benefit is that it allows you to track and test your direct mail campaign. The QR code will enhance the campaign by leading the recipient to a landing page on your website to encourage more actions.

One of the revolutionary aspects of online marketing is that it’s easy to track every click and see exactly how customers respond to different ads. This is obviously more difficult with direct mailing advertising where you don’t always know where a customer discovered your business, but with offer codes you can track your customer responses to help optimise future marketing campaigns.

  1. Split Test Your Campaign.

Instead of just designing a direct mail postcard, writing the copy, and sending out the same information over and over again, you should be continually split testing different elements of your campaign. Try sending two of the same postcards with different headlines, or send two postcards with the same copy but with different colours or shapes. Use coupons to help gauge the response rate of the different postcard designs. We also provide highly targeted B2B and B2C lists and it is a good idea to test different demographics for results. By continuously split testing elements of your design and data, you’ll eventually have a postcard that’s been proven to convert. If using your own data we can run a free data health check to ensure you are protecting your brand integrity and not wasting money.

  1. Include a Picture of a Person Looking at the Reader.

Studies have proven time and time again that having a photo of a person looking directly at the reader builds trust and grabs attention.

The human mind is wired to look back at someone that’s looking directly at them, and it’s also wired to scan faces to build rapport. (Hopefully the person you choose looks friendly and trustworthy!). If your current design is just a wall of text, try incorporating a smiling, head-on photo of someone in your company (perhaps yourself?) and you should see your response rates improve.


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