Direct Mail Postage Costings. Consider Design First

Direct Mail Postage Costings when designing your Direct Mailing Campaign.

Well targeted and fabulously designed direct mail is not only a highly successful marketing tool, but done well will have your target audience ripping open the envelope in anticipation. However do consider the postage costs.

Cost of postage should be the starting point for any direct mail campaign design.

It is important to take into account the cost differences between postage brackets. For the majority of jobs, postage cost will be far higher than the cost of design, print, and fulfillment. For example:

48pp A5 Brochure – 130gsm (97g) + C5 Envelope (8g) = 105g

48pp A5 Brochure – 115gsm (86g) + C5 Envelope (8g) = 94g

The weight difference created by using the different grades of paper shown above would create a difference in postage costs of £1,1400 for a mailing of 10,000 brochures.

Up to A5 and less than 100 grams is by far the cheapest postage cost. And the most economic is the Direct Mail Postcard.

Pack a Punch with Direct Mail Postcards

Postcards are the most effective direct mail method and cheapest in terms of postage and of course there are no fulfilment costs or worries about whether the envelope will be opened.

Whilst postcards are not appropriate for certain mailings they should be seriously considered for part of the overall direct mail marketing campaign. Postcards are perfect as a stand alone mailing.

Size Matters

Consideration for the envelope size is fundamental to the postage cost.

Consider options for envelope sizing at the outset.

Also the envelope is much more than a functional necessity for posting; it can be a big part of the design experience. Clever design and brilliant copywriting can make opening an envelope irresistible.  Think about:

  • Full colour images on the envelope to arouse interest and start building buy-in.
  • Intriguing text that has the recipient ripping open the envelope to find out more.

Don’t hide great design – put it where your target audience will see it immediately.

Self Mailers

Just like the postcard. Self Mailers do not need envelopes. Folded self-mailers can be sealed with a glue strip, glue dot or clear tabs. A little more costly than the single postcard but allowing your imagination to go wild. Self Mailers can be die-cut into really original and exciting attention-grabbing shapes.

Polythene Wraps.

Polythene is popular for brochures that want to be seen immediately.

If the mailing needs an outer then polythene being lighter than paper could make a difference to the postage costs.

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