Data Health Checks

Data Health Checks

Data Cleansing is an important key issue, not only in avoiding the industry term ‘junk mail’ but in supporting the direct marketing industry achieve its environmental targets; suppression costs should not be seen as an additional direct mail expense, but a very cost-effective process.

The benefits of having an up-to-date, accurate mailing database are clear – costs are reduced, return on investment is increased, and customer relationships are maximised.

Correcting entries within a mailing list, or removing / suppressing incorrect entries is a relatively straightforward process.

Many suppression files are available, including MPS, NCOA, GAS and the Bereavement Register.

  • Every day in the UK 1,600 people die and 18,000 people move house
  • 37% of an average sized business database will decay every year
  • 1.2m addresses change on the postcode file each year
  • A business moves premises every 6 minutes
  • The DMA believes that over £95m is wasted annually as a result of mailing deceased individuals
  • It is estimated that more than £180m is lost every year as a result of using out of date business data
  • 47% of consumers are put off from responding to offers that interest them if their name and / or address details are incorrect

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In order to keep your advertising and marketing costs under control we will screen your data at no charge to you.

Clean data is important to ensure deliverability and saves unnecessary print, postage costs and waste.

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