3 Mistakes to Avoid for Successful Direct Mail

3 Mistakes to Avoid for Successful Direct Mail

There are 3 key factors that can ultimately render a beautiful mailing campaign useless – in this post we go through each of them – and offer a solution.

To be clear, I am not saying that these areas of work are the only ones that can affect the level of sales you could experience when advertising, but what I am saying is that these areas can have a huge impact and yet are sometimes not seen as the cause of poor sales.  Of course, there are many other factors, but these are as good a place as any to start if you think you should be doing better than you are.

1:  The landing page.
To be clear, the landing page on a website is the page that is specially constructed to receive visitors who have seen a particular direct mail campaign.

The problem is that sometimes the landing page is just a page packed with products and details – but not the right product and detail.  And worse, it can require the reader to click to move on from one page to the next. The landing page should be the only page the reader needs to go to before moving on to placing an order.

What we are often told is that it can take a long time and a lot of work to change a landing page.  But even here there are ways around the problem – and these must be found.

The landing page should be a natural continuation of information and reasons to buy.  If you can’t do this you need to make the direct mail shot the selling mechanism and leave the web page as simply a way to order on-line.

2:  The message
Direct Mail that just announces that this product is available with a little extra information (such as the fact that there is a discount that the company has been in business for 10 years, that you are very friendly and the like) don’t work.

You must establish that you are different from everyone else in ways that mean something to the reader.  Being the same doesn’t work.

In short you must answer the two key questions that dominate all sales:

  • Why should I buy this?
  • Why should I buy this from you?

By way of example, take Coastal Media Solutions.  We advertise on the basis that our services allow you to sell things.  Buy from us, rather than our rivals, because we will get you more sales.

How we get you more sales is not always described, but the reasons are there.  I have been working in Direct Mail advertising for more than a couple of decades and I know how to write good copy and select the best possible image and strap lines.

If you can’t find an immediate answer to “why should I buy this from you?” which is not about being friendly or cheaper, there are still ways forward.  Call me on 01202 300000 or email suelangley@coastal-direct-marketing.com with a recent advert and I will explain how it is done and how to improve. No charge. No obligation.

3:  Know your competition
You have to know what the opposition is up to, in order to ensure that in your advertising you are doing something that differentiates you from them.

Now the most common response to this point is to cut prices – but generally that is the most disastrous approach.  What you need is a different way of writing and a different way of selling. Coastal Marketing just happens to be the most cost effective provider simply because all my work is carried out on line and the overheads are negligible. I pass on my bulk discount rates to my clients.

This, of course, can be difficult if your focus is on your product or service (as it most likely is), but it can be done – most readily by an outsider who looks at your market afresh.

The solution
Talk to me first about what you need to achieve and I will be able to guide and help you to achieve your goals.